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Since its inception in March 1997, DoveSong.com has has been the premier internet resource for information about music that is emotionally and spiritually uplifting. Because the world is slowly trasisitioning from a time of chaos and confustion into a new cycle of conscious reality, this information has become a necessity.


2016 Updates

Update 1 - We are currently preparing the DoveSong iUniversity Coarseware for publication

Update 2 - The gospel and North Indian classical music recordings of our important DoveSong Music Library (78s, LPs, 45s, cassettes, VHS tapes and CDs) are now being offered for sale, as we have digitized and photographed these recordings for Don Robertson's Musical Kaleidoscope Project and no longer need the physical media.

Contact Mary Ellen for information.


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"The Scale" by Don Robertson

     If you are interested in how our internationally employed musical scale relates to all phenomenon in the Universe and how it contains the seeds for both positive and negative music, we recommend reading this important 100-page book by Don Robertson, illustrated by Mary Ellen Bickford.
     The first chapters are addressed to musicians who are familiar with the basic functions of the music scale. The latter chapters are targeted to anyone interested in what occurred during the 20th century to cause both classical and popular music to become infused with discords, thus creating music that is negative in nature.

Available at Amazon.com

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