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Learning from the World's Greatest Melodic Traditions


Our Great Melodic Tradition - Gregorian Chant

It All Began in Song

The heart of music is SONG and its greatest expression is when it is produced by the human voice. The study of melody in the iUniversity is based on three great world melodic traditions:


  • Gregorian Chant: The importance of this great melodic tradition cannot be over-emphasized. Thanks to inter-library loan and to the great 21st-century online library imslp, we have been able to gather the formerly extremely rare old books of Gregorian Chant scores and texts that deal with every aspect of this great melodic art form.

  • North Indian Classical Music Ragas: The study of one of the most important melodic traditions in the world, the study of the ragas of North Indian Classical Music is a definite next step for 21st century composers and musicians.

  • Song: This section is devoted to leaning about melody by studying the works of the world's great songwriters, and the melodies of the world's great folk traditions. We will share techniques that Mary Ellen and I learned during the period of preparation for the book that we co-authored with Dave Austin and Jim Peterik: Songwriting for Dummies.
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