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"Sacred Choral Music of the Renaissance"
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The Cover for Volume MC004 "Ave Maria" An example page from MC004 "Ave Maria"

the SACRED MUSIC OF THE 16th Century is among the most important music created in Europe during any period. It is from the works of the masters of the Renaissance that we can learn to create music based on pure, harmonic concord. When I first discovered this amazing music in 1971, I set out on a personal course of discovery. Supported by the music librarian at a large state university (who told me "No one else cares about this music"), I was able to take volumes of rare music out of the library to a friend's office, where I zeroxed hundreds of pages every week. I then began transcribing this music from its archaic notation into modern "closed staff" notation, with the intention of some day re-publishing this rare music.

I was discovering music of astounding beauty... music that had been forgotten in a world each day growing more accepting of discords, noise, over emphasis on rhythmic beat, and ugliness as a fashion statement. I continued creating my transcriptions of this extremely important music, but without any real hope of publishing, as during those days, getting music out into the world in book form was an expensive and complex task. I continued with this project until the end of the 20th century. Now, with internet publishing a reality, all my work will not have been in vain. Beginning in 2012, the following volumes will gradually become available through the DoveSong iUniversity:

MC-001 - The Glory of the Renaissance - Music by Lassus, Gallus, Victoria, Palestrina and Gabrieli
MC-002 - The Music of Tomas Luis de Victoria - Hymns, motets and sequences
MC-003 - Masterworks of Josquin des Pres - Six motets including the seven-part Vultum tuum
MC-004 - Ave Maria - Music dedicated to Mary. Gregorian chant and polyphony
MC-005 - Music for Holy Week - Great music by Palestrina and Victoria
MC-006 - Sacred Music for Good Friday - Palestrina setting of Afternoon service plus Viadana, Victoria.
MC-007 - The Divine Office - Vespers and compline in falsobordon style
MC-008 - Analyzing Renaissance Sacred Music - Multi-color outlining shows melodic techniques
MC-009 - Masterworks of Renaissance Choral Music - Volume 1: Palestrina, Gallus, Josquin & Gabrielli
MC-010 - Masterworks of Renaissance Choral Music - Volume 2: Music of Tomas Luis de Victoria
MC-011 - Sixteen Palestrina Offertories - Multi-color outlining shows melodic techniques

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