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"Music Treasures of the 17th Century"

The great Chiesa di San Petronio in Bologna - The great musical center of the 17th Century

The seventeenth century has been a lost century, many of its greatest composers unknown even to students of early music. I discovered it during the 1970s when I was studying the music of the 16th century. In fact, I discovered only one score, a psalm by the great Bolognese composer Colonna. Playing through this music on the piano, I realized its great beauty and I began to search for recordings and more scores, only to have to wait until the 1990s, when a single label in Italy (Tactus) and a single publishing company (Garland) made available the works from the great 17th-century Italian music center for the first time. The DoveSong iUniversity intends to help make great 17th century music from Germany, Italy and France available in several published study scores.

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