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The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi 
(aka The Jackson Harmoneers) 

When God Dips His Pen of Love Coleman 5984. Newark, N.J. 1948
Our Father Peacock 1550. September, 1950
Move in the Room with the Lord Peacock 1550. September, 1950
Old Ship of Zion Peacock 1552. April, 1951
In this World Alone Peacock 1552. April, 1951
Mother Don't Worry Peacock 1580. June, 1951
World Prayer Peacock 1553. April, 1952
How Far Am I From Canaan Peacock 1553. April, 1952
Will Jesus be Waiting for Me Peacock 1706. May, 1952
I Was Praying Peacock 1706. May, 1952
I Know the Lord Will Make a Way Peacock 1714. May, 1953
Song of Praise Peacock 1723. December, 1953
Save a Seat for Me Peacock 1760. February, 1956
There's No Need to Cry Peacock 1760. February, 1956
You Don't Know Vee Jay 194. Chicago, May 2, 1956
I Never Heard a Man Vee Jay 194. Chicago, May 2, 1956
No Need to Cry Unissued. Chicago, May 2, 1956
Jesus Loves Me Vee Jay 225. Chicago, May 17, 1956
Don't Forget the Bridge Vee Jay 240. Chicago, May 17, 1956
Oh Why Vee Jay 225. Chicago, May 17, 1956
I'm Willing to Run Vee Jay 849. Chicago, February 12, 1957
Let's Have Church Vee Jay 240. Chicago, February 12, 1957
All Over Me Vee Jay 888. Chicago, February 21, 1957
Waiting at the River Vee Jay 872. Chicago, February 21, 1957
Somebody's Mother Vee Jay 888. Chicago, February 21, 1957
I'm A-Rolling Vee Jay 855. Chicago, August 27, 1957
My Robe will Fit Me Vee Jay 855. Chicago, August 27, 1957
Leave you in the Hands of the Lord Vee Jay 868. Chicago, August 6, 1958
Where There's a Will Vee Jay 872. Chicago, August 6, 1958
I'm a Soldier Vee Jay 868. Chicago, August 6, 1958
Someone Watches Over Me Peacock 1797. January, 1959
Leaning on the Everlasting Arm Peacock PLP102. January, 1959
Certainly Lord Peacock PLP102. January, 1959
A Weeping for a Mighty Long Time Checker 953. October, 1959
Take Your Burdens to Jesus Checker 953. October, 1959
Sending up my Timber Peacock 1824. 1960-62
Lord, Lord you'be been so Good to Me Peacock 1824. 1960-62
Father I Stretch my Hands to Thee Peacock 1868. 1960-62
Lord Remember Me Peacock 1868. 1960-62
Speak For Jesus Peacock 1881. 1960-62
In the Hands of the Lord Peacock PLP139. 1964-65
Where there's a Will Peacock PLP188. 1964-65
Oh Why Peacock PLP188. 1964-65

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