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Links To Positive Music Web Sites

Nancho Alvarez's Great Victoria Site  Nancho, who lives in Spain, has performed one of the greatest of all favors for music. On his site, you will find the COMPLETE WORKS of the great composer  Tomas Luis de Victoria in Midi and PDF formats. I recommend that every serious lover of music spend a lot of time at this site. For the first time ever, the complete works of this master composer are available to be studied.

Liturgica.com A large selection of articles on the history and development of liturgical worship and music in the Judeo-Christian traditions. A wide range of liturgical music, sacred music, books and devotional items can be purchased from the Liturgica Web Store. 

Rhythm Web  The Internet Headquarters for Frame Drumming

OM Radio  Being in a mass market economic world with a value system driven by business interests, OM supports a radical shift by emphasizing the need for non-hierarchical business models and cooperative efforts for making music available.

The Kunst der Fuge Website This great website contains a huge number of midi files of classical music.

Jeff Ostrowski's Musica Divina Site  Absolutely wonderful. Jeff has scanned Proeske's Musica Divina, a great collection of Renaissance Sacred music. We used to travel hundreds of miles just to look at this collection, available in only a few libraries in the US. Way to go Jeff!!!! 

The Positive Music Association  An association of songwriters, musicians, composers, and people in the music and radio/television industry joined together to promote positive music.

www.RichHeartMusic.com  Positive music composer Richard Shulman

nasehpour.tripod.com/nasseh  Website for the Nasehpour Ensemble and Persian Art Music 

www.beand.com  Website for positive music composer Beth Anderson

www.NancyBloomerDeussen.com Nancy Bloomer Deussen's website

www.voicesofeden.com  Website for the healing music ensemble Voices of Eden, located in Israel

www.kobihagoel.com  Kobi Hagoel's website. Kobi composes world music, sings and plays Middle Eastern percussion, and is a researcher as well as teacher of different styles of Middle Eastern percussion.  

sanjeebsircar.tripod.com Sanjeeb is a 48-year old New Delhi-based sitar player, composer, and singer of Indian classical, Christian, and jazz-fusion music.

www.lambdoma.com Website for Barbara Hero
, artist, composer, musician and mathematician who has devoted many years to the understanding of and applications of the secrets hidden within the wisdom of the ancient Lambdoma Matrix.  

  Daveed Korup's website

www.neshri.org the New England Sound Healing Research Institute

The Bluegate Ensemble The Bluegate healing music ensemble

Turku The band "Turku: Nomads of the Silk Road"

Triskele The Estonian folk group Triskele

Classical Ragas David Trasoff's website

FA Schola Ensemble The FA Schola Ensemble in Estonia

Satinath Bhatacharya Website of Satinath Bhattacharya, singer of Dhrupad music.


The Silent Gnostic Tarot Fraternity

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