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Learning from the World's Greatest Harmonic Tradition


The Greatest Composer of them All - J.S. Bach

The European Classical Music Tradition

As the 21st Century dawns, a new classical music based on concord and the harmonic laws of nature is emerging. In the Harmony Division, we study the great works of the European harmonic tradition, a repertoire that was created by some of our greatest minds, and then was polluted during the 20th century with the discords of the so-called innovations of "atonality" and serial music. It's back to the basics now, and time to discover what the greatest music in this tradition actually was, and how we can learn from it.

Five Composers

Five Periods of Composition Represented by Five Composers

In the 45 years that I have devoted to discovering the great works of the European classical music tradition, I have narrowed the work of the Harmony Division to five composers and their respective periods of influence:

My Choices For the Top Five Western Composers

Guy Ropartz: A Truly Forgotten Great Composer

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